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input+select again
所属栏目:ASP.NET(webform)  时间:2010-11-27 09:06  作者:狼子







It is just...

You don't understand. Something is out there but I cann't reach.

What is it? Where is it?

I had to... What?

Give me a hand, please. Take me out, ok?

Please! Does anybody hear me?


18:50 2010/11/27

input and select can be separate!

I can put select in my user control, and put input in the aspx pages.

Perhaps I need two user controls. One is select, the other is input. Then, I can put input as many as I need in my pages.

But how can I get input's id from select user control? A public global Array for all the input id? NO. I can't do this. Or I had to let coder set it in the aspx pages. I can't tell coder do so many just because they need my user control. No one would like it.